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 Current Issue
Making Profitable Deployment Decisions
by Matt Squire
Are VDSL2 and Mid-Band Ethernet two technologies that cannot play together nicely? Or are they complementary in the ways they target different reach segments, different market segments, and different symmetries? This tutorial aims to share how they are – you guessed it – both!

Thought Leaders Special Section
by Sharon Vollman

For our second OSP® Thought Leaders Forum, our industry executives have six questions from which to choose, some related to the human network and others that are more technology specific. Read their perspectives about the changing needs of attracting and keeping top OSP professionals while they keep pace with the frenetic evolution of the telecom network. Be sure to read what OSP’s telecom leaders of today say about the OSP issues of tomorrow. Thought Leaders include:

  • Randy Tomlin, AT&T
  • Tim Parker, Byers Engineering
  • Manish Bhandari, Emerson Network Power
  • Etienne Gagnon, EXFO
  • Tammy Snyder, GRU
  • John Rose, OPASTCO
  • Dennis Krutsinger, 3M

    Utopia as a Utelco?
    by Ronen Mikdashi and Marcelo Blatt
    In order to gain a competitive advantage, utilities are making an effort to build their optical networks to be as efficient as possible, while also making sure they are agile enough to respond to any customer need, both internal and external, or to any new revenue-generating opportunity. Convergence is a key to achieving this. Sound familiar? Maybe service providers can learn a thing or two.

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